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Maximum Support, Minimal Partner Disturbance

Zoned Pocket Spring mattresses are designed to lift the body areas that need more support, such as your spine, shoulders or hips and cushion less common contact areas, such as legs or feet, thereby providing balanced pressure relief. Encased in individual fabric pockets, these springs won't transfer motion to the neighbouring springs, meaning your partner is less likely to wake up during the night.

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  • Soft feel

    Children, Young adults and side sleepers with a lighter profile or broader shoulders or hips often enjoy a soft mattress with more contouring

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  • Medium-firm feel

    The right balance of support and comfort. Being suitable for side, back and stomach sleepers medium-firm mattresses are the most versatile.

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  • Firm feel

    Optimal support for your back. Stomach and back sleepers with a heavy profile usually benefit from a firm mattress.

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